Our Team

Board of Directors

The Philadelphia Internet Exchange is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, incorporated under the provisions of the Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988. Our company is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of industry veterans. None of our directors are compensated financially for their work, they have a genuine interest in furthering the investment in, and improvement of, the quality and availability of internet access in and around the Philadelphia metro area. Our current board members are as follows:

Tom Duff

Tim Kaufman
Board Secretary

Kristopher Eisner

Owen Conway
Director of Technology and Architecture

Dan Spataro
Director of Business Development


In addition to our Board of Directors, we also encourage our members and even outside individuals who wish to volunteer their time, to join our various committees and add value to our organization. If you have interest in joining one of our committees, please Contact Us! Currently, our committees and their members include:

  • Technical Committee – Responsible for maintenance and improvement of the PhillyIX server and switching infrastructure, as well as monitoring. Current members include:

    • Owen Conway (PhillyIX)
    • Tom Duff (PhillyIX)
    • Tim Kaufman (PhillyIX)
    • Adam Rambo (Linode)
  • Financial Committee – Responsible for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and making sure taxes are paid where appropriate. Current members include:

    • Kristopher Eisner (PhillyIX)
    • Tim Kaufman (PhillyIX)
    • Tom Duff (PhillyIX)