Route Servers

Server Infrastructure

The Philadelphia Internet Exchange operates two BIRD route servers, both running on Ubuntu Linux, inside a VMware virtual environment. By utilizing virtual machines, we have the ability to migrate between VM hosts and minimize downtime due to hardware failures or maintenances. Each VM host has 40G connectivity directly to the peering switch, and a 1G management interface to our OOB switch.

The route servers do not forward any traffic and operate strictly on the control-plane.

We recommend participants establish a BGP session to each route server. The route servers do NOT peer with one another.

Description IPv4 Address IPv6 Address ASN
PhillyIX Route Server # 1 2001:504:90::1 54033
PhillyIX Route Server # 2 2001:504:90::2 54033

Default Route Propagation

The default route is not permitted in the route servers and will be filtered.

RFC1918 Address Space

RFC1918 addresses, and other non-internet-routable address space, are NOT permitted in the route servers and will be filtered.

Community Strings

The route servers support the following community Strings. If no community is specified all accepted routes are forwarded to all peers.

Community Action
0:$PEERAS Don’t announce route to RS peers with the ASN $PEERAS
54033:$PEERAS Announce route ONLY to peers with the ASN $PEERAS
0:54033 Do not redistribute route to any peers.
54033:54033 Announce route to all peers (This is the default)