We gather statistics using SNMP polling of our switches from multiple systems. The graphs shown on this page were generated by MRTG, running on our IXP Manager server. Polls from that server are taken at 5 minute intervals, so traffic may spike higher than shown on the graphs for short periods of time and not actually be caught by the system. These graphs should give you a good idea of the average amount of traffic on the PhillyIX LAN.

Please note that the system gathering these statistics lives offsite, and internet issues between our host and our Infrastructure network may affect the availability of graphs from time to time. If you see a gap in the graph, please bear with us.

Daily Traffic Graph:
Daily PhillyIX Traffic Graph

Weekly Traffic Graph:
Weekly PhillyIX Traffic Graph

Monthly Traffic Graph:
Monthly PhillyIX Traffic Graph

Yearly Traffic Graph:
Yearly PhillyIX Traffic Graph